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We make it easy for your attendees to register for your event. We make it possible for you to handle the data efficiently. Because we understand that the right form makes a difference right from the start.

What is included?

All portals contain...

…the right sections you need to know for a successful event. The sections will help your attendees to intuitively fill in the data and you to receive it perfectly structured.


Make your portals even more formidable...

…by adding powerful add-ons to your forms. Any add-on make your portals even more efficient.


What is included?

Name, email, phone number, address, affiliation – these are the essentials of every registration and good start.

Travel route, transportation, visa application – when, where and how your participants are moving is key. These information can also be sent directly or after one-click confirmation to a travel agency for a swift booking.

The added value of a meeting is the opportunity to network. In the run-up to the event, contact options such as personal websites, social networks or personal introductions – not only from speakers – can be collected and made available, both digitally and physically.

Keep your agenda as flexible as possible. Attendees can select individual items from the agenda and communicate their preferences. In the backend, you can limit places according to preferences or room capacities.

Venue, category, requirements, number of nights and beds – get every detail hotels and you need to know to accomodate participants. As with travel information, the data can be sent directly to the hotel(s) to keep everyone up to date.

Allergies or (food) intolerances, dietary requirements – good catering is half the event.

Reimbursement, (partial) payments, account details – receive securely and accurately sensitive data from your participants.

You need to follow-up on a specific question? Or show a group of fields only if certain criteria is met? With conditional logic additional fields can be triggered by basically anything. Customize your forms to those fields which actually need to be filled in, which greatly simplifies the completion process and improves the accuracy of the data.

Get always the latest update of the registration via an secure export link – without approaching and asking your contact person to do this on behalf of you. You will receive the data in a perfectly ordered Excel sheet, which can be filtered and structured to your preference. This eliminates the need to maintain a master sheet to which new registrations must always be copied.

Should you prefer to receive new registrations directly to your CRM/API or exports on a regular basis tot your SFTP/cloud server, please note this during the process.

To register swiftly and make data accurately, there are several options to guide your attendees through the registration process:

An extended text area used to annotate the purpose or instructions on filling this field.

Input Mask
Available for letter and character sequences such as phone number, zip code, IBAN, passport numbers etc. The field will then provide visual guidance on the expected format, as well as enforce the input format during entry validation.

Maximum characters
Determines the maximum number of characters that can be entered in this field.

If a field is marked as required, then the form cannot be submitted without it.

No Duplicates
Select this option to unique values only. This means that for a form submission to be accepted, the value entered must not already exist in the form entry database for that field. Helpful with email, phone numbers or even organisations if certain data should be used exactly only once.

A placeholder is text shown inside the blank field to help the user know what is expected.

It can be that simple: all data is saved on our servers without acceess to any third party.

There are many different spellings for one thing. So why not minimize the number of fields with free text and offer predefined options instead? This helps you to process the data more efficiently and the participants to fill in the fields more quickly. Even a large number of options can be imported quickly via CSV, where the correct answer can be easily selected using a dynamic search when filling in the form. And if the right answer is not included, it can easily be noted using an Other field.

Fields, descriptions, and options can also be populated using responses from previous fields. This provides a completely personalized user experience and captures information that would otherwise require manual follow-up.

Registering digitally is nice, but why not take the process to the next level?

Upon submission, a success message is displayed or the participant can be redirected to another page.

A confirmation email will be sent to the participant, and another email will be sent to the organization team informing them of another submission. The delivery rate of emails can be further increased by sending them via Brevo. Brevo, based in France, complies with EU data protection regulations and can also track whether and when the email is delivered.
Do you rather prefer a message via Slack? We have you covered.

If desired, certain data can be sent to a travel agency, hotel, or security so that all parties are in the loop.

All actions can be triggered and filtered by specific criteria. And of course, you can include form fields and responses as dynamic input for your customized emails.


Which add-ons can be added?

Enabling Save & Continue allows your attendees to create a link to continue their registration at a later time. Participants can enter an email address to which the link will be sent. Links created are valid for 30 days.

If groups are expected to attend an event, they can also be registered on behalf of a person (Delegation Accreditation Officer – DAO). This allows communication to be focused through a single point of contact. Individuals can then be easily identified through the groups.
QR codes can be generated after submission. This means you can send your attendees an QR code which helps you to chek in attendees on-site of the venue.

Collecting a participant’s signature via registration can save time, reduce paperwork, and provide an impressive user experience. Signatures can be captured by using a touchscreen device, any device that has a built-in touchpad, or just a mouse. When a signature is captured, the data is sent to your server, where it is converted into a PNG image file and then stored.

By default, the server is located in Germany to ensure data protection and compliance with EU law. Alternatively, the server can be located in other EU countries such as the Netherlands, France, Spain or outside the EU with options in the USA, UK, Australia or Singapore. It is recommended to select the server as close as possible to the physical location of the people invitated.

If there is only a certain contingent of places – hotel rooms, workshops, room capacities, program highlights with first comes, first serves – bookings can be limited by contingent and also in a period of time. If a booking is full, this category can no longer be selected during registration.

With a multilingual audience, portal, website and all communication can be translated into multiple languages. The text blocks are created either by a professional or by machine translation and then inserted in the respective place of the base language.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

A PDF file is a solution for dynamically creating digital PDF documents. All information from the registration can be dynamically inserted into placeholders in the document. The placeholders can be customized with your organization’s logo and letterhead. PDFs can then be emailed to any email address after submission or are available for download.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

An HTML-designed email can include dynamic tags, personalized content, and images, allowing you to customize your CI and personalize your email.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

Sure, you can export a static Excel sheet which displays the latest state of registration.You can, however, also connect the portal to your preferred CRM. The portal fits seamlessly into your digital ecosystem and is the open interface to your participants. The connection can be establsihed via API, Zapier or Webhooks.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

Does your registration include text fields and do you intend to publish the responses? Experience shows that this results in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative responses. Proofreading can be added to ensure consistent and uniform quality.

One option is to send the texts to an editor, who in turn enters the edited texts into another field in the backend. Another option is to have the texts edited using openAI’s ChatGPT and tailored prompts.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

To receive registrations digitally is one thing, but what about displaying personal profiles of yout attendees or speakers on the website previous to your event? Depending on the amount of profiles, we either manually or automatically use the data to create beautiful and customized profiles. And your event gains a central digital platform for registration, information and networking in advance.

+++ Additional fee on request +++

Request a portal today, provide us with the necessary details and you will receive the portal in up to one business day.

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*Prices do not include VAT and cover the features described in the package. For further details please refer to the Terms and conditions.

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